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Wrapping Up A Year-Long Spring Break

Spring Happenings We made it to the end of the year! And what a very odd, but very blessed year it has been. Our first indoor group! Remember back in March of 2020 when we went on Spring Break and it didn't end until now? I'm not sure if that's what COVID was like for you, but that is sort of how it was for me. It's SO STRANGE referring to "this time last year" and remembering how we hadn't seen other people in over a month, we went outdoors most days just for the sake of getting out of the house, and we were having to learn all kinds of new skills (like I learned to cut Chris' hair, for instance). Though it seems like it's been no time at all, when I say things like "this time last year," I remember that it has indeed been a year and that we did school and ministry for a whole year. I thank God that COVID is sort of beginning to come to a close! Summer FOCUS Kick-off We are so excited to have been able to meet in person indoors more and