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Where Hope Is Found

  My social distanced birthday party. These friends sat in the cold for HOURS to laugh and talk and celebrate with me. I'm so blessed to have them! (It was also the girl on the bottom right's birthday, so she got a birthday crown too. :)) I'm having a time trying to get these pictures to work, so since my blog really has nothing to do with them, I'll list captions here: Above, my birthday party Apprentice sermons held at our church on a very cold morning with all the doors open and fans blowing to create ventilation because of COVID. It was cold, but so good to hear God teaching through them! A Christmas photo with my handsome guy. Some Faberge egg matryoshka my grandmother got me for Christmas! I love Russian things, so I was thrilled! The first snow I've seen in almost 5 years! It was so beautiful! I also got a chiminea for Christmas so I can continue to meet with girls outside in the safety and warmth of our back patio. It has been really fun learning how to use