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Moving People onto God's Agenda

Say it with me:  How is it already October?!?! As a teacher, I learned that October was the time of year when the  real  personalities came out of my students and I would have to buckle in for what I liked to think of as "the month of re-establishment." I.e., re-establishing classroom rules, re-establishing who is in charge, re-establishing the value in actually doing the work, re-establishing a vision for building relationships with  all  classmates (aka embracing new seating charts), and so on. It was a jarring--you could say awful--experience that first year, but honestly, I came to really value it in the later years because it was an opportunity for me to cast an even clearer vision for my students for what we were all really going to be about. In different ways, October in college ministry has this same "rubber meets the road" kind of feel. Students have gotten into the swing of their classes, they are settling into their friend groups for the semester, they ar